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Lush, warm and sensual - all this is about a fox with its thick and long-haired fur. Now it is in fashion more than ever, because fox fur coats are chic and practical.

When people learn to breed fox in captivity, breeders have reached many shades of color of the fur. A red fox: from light-yellow-orange to dark-red rich tones. And a black brown fox: from light frost to silver.

The breeding of foxes is an ancient form of farming. The first farms were built in Canada in the late XIX century. In Finland and Norway the breeding of foxes began in the early XX century, and Saga Furs, famous Finnish fur auction was organized in 1938.

In order to create MOR'A fur coats we buy high quality fox fur from farms in Finland. According to local furriers, a woman takes the ease and grace of a fox wearing a fur coat of this fur. And cunning and coquetry as well!


Mink fur coat has always been, is and will be the most desirable. It's not just fashion, but a symbol of woman's and her man’s status. The English aristocrats say that the lady can have a lot of fur coats, but she must have a mink one.

Furriers deservedly consider a mink to be the queen. It has sleek, shiny, flowing, silky, thick and very hardwearing fur. Wherever you are, even at the North Pole, you will not be afraid of snow and dampness in a mink fur coat. This fur does not fear water, it is luxurious, practical and thanks to the breeders’ efforts has dozens of types with different shades. That is why it is chosen by the leading fashion designers in the world. In addition, the modern furriers use winter and summer mink fur. Items, made of fur after the spring molt, are lighter in weight, but less warm.

We buy American mink which once was the progenitor of all adjustable mink in the world, on fur farms in Finland. It is distinguished by the long and middle spine, as well as rich natural palette - from white to black with numerous brown and gray-blue tones. We create luxury sophisticated styles of MOR'A mink coats of these materials.


Inhabitant of North America, the coyote (Canis latrans) is valued for its long, thick fur. His color from brown to gray with white underfur. Earlier, a coyote, as the wolf was considered a male fur and used only in the American fashion. Now, with the return of fashion to "savagery", this predator is getting more and more favorite for European trendsetters. In recent years it has taken pride of place in all the autumn-winter collections of John Galliano and Michael Kors. The secret of such models is that the fur in any case would not look soft, fluffy and smooth. On the contrary - it should represent a predator!

We love and appreciate the wild beauty of the Canadian fur for its practicality and originality. Creating MOR'A models, our factory buys coyote fur in Canada at the NAFA (North American Fur Auction).


Murmasky is the indigenous inhabitant of Central and North America. Designers love it for the thick fur of the softest and deep fur, and the length of the pile can be from middle to long. As a rule, if the murmasky is not further dyed, it has a long gray and black beard with silver tips and fluffy, thick undercoat. Thanks to it this fur is very warm and durable.

MOR'A uses in its models murmasky from Finnish fur farms, bought at the fur auction in Helsinki. Masters of breeding in Finland reached very unique fur. It was called Fin Murmaasky - Finnish murmasky. It is valued for a very thick undercoat, high thick pile, long and colorful vertical guard hairs, giving fur the effect of plumosity.

Faux Fur

For anyone who loves fur, but is a staunch defender of animals, MOR'A brand offers items of high quality faux fur. It has become increasingly popular among world’s designers as a universal material, perfectly mimicking its furry living originals.

At first glance it is very difficult to distinguish mink, raccoon, fox from faux fur imitating it. It also looks impressive and it is pleasing to the touch. Also in today's world of fashion fur images changed so often that due to design tricks natural fur may look like faux fur, and faux fur like natural fur!


Airy, the softest and weightlessly light rex fur has such a low thermal conductivity, which is four times greater than the goat’s and sheep's wool. And thanks to the breeders’ efforts the unique breeds were bred, which fur is not inferior in beauty and quality to the elite furs. Today the center of rex wool production is China. Rex- its underfur is of uniform length and not protected by outer hairs, which makes it look like a chinchilla.  Its skin is soft and flexible, yet very dense and the hairs are the finest (15 microns), like cashmere and angora.