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The Italian MOR'A lux-brand is designed to emphasize your individuality and royal luxury. Our main goal is to make the fur the arms of your beauty. Top quality furs, the most current models of the global fur fashion and only limited collection. All that for you to be unique.

MOR'A brand was founded by the Italian master Antonio Moranduzzo from Tuscany. This region is not only the birthplace of Chianti and a gastronomic paradise, but the center of a fashion industry in Italy, which was famous for its gold and leather since the ancient times. Back in the early Middle Ages in Florence and its surroundings there were a lot of weaving and leather shops. It was the Florentine fashion shows in the early postwar years, from which worldwide fame of Italian fashion-brands has begun. It was here, in Florence, where the manufacture of brand MOR'A is located - a modern fur factory, uniting hereditary furriers and designers, as well as seamstresses and tailors of the highest class.

By choosing fur art as his vocation, Antonio Moranduzzo combined experience and skill of the Italian artists with inspiration from the beauty of the Ukrainian women. By linking his fate with the Ukrainian designer Julia Skrypnyk, he has created an exclusive brand of fur MOR'A, so that all lovers of fashion and luxury feel not only the warmth and beauty of luxury furs, but their originality - all products of this brand are created in limited quantities.

All clothing MOR'A are sew strictly under the technology on the modern equipment from raw materials of leading world producers. Furs are purchased at Fur Harvesters Auction (FHA), located in the city of North Bay, Ontario, Canada. Its high-quality natural furs have been recognized by the international market of the world fur fashion a long time ago.

MOR'A model are developed by the creative tandem of Antonio and Julia under the latest trends of fur fashion: "Working with fur is an art for us. Indeed, despite the modern technology in the fur industry, there is a lot of manual work. Each of our models is precise in the smallest detail and brought to perfection. "

We believe that fur is all - powerful. It turns a woman into a queen. Natural, luxurious, chic and always fashionable. With it we enjoy the cold and admiration of others.

MORA registered trademark. License number 010728467.

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